Personalised URL with personalised web content

What is a PURL?

A Personalised URL (PURL) is a unique web address that launches a personalised website or personalised landing page for each recipient of your direct marketing campaign. They can be deployed as part of a cross-media marketing campaign (via direct mail or email) to enable full personalisation (including text, imagery and video), along with the ability to serve up dynamic personalised web content. Each Personalised URL can be fully tracked, which means that your insight through web analytics enables you to continuously improve your campaign ROI.

The benefits of using PURLs

PURLs are the latest in personalisation technology which enable you to:

  • Deliver highly personalised web content (text, images, video)
  • Track every interaction by individual, segment or campaign on your personalised landing page
  • Access comprehensive web based reporting and web analytics in real time
  • Pre-fill web forms to provide a one-click action to improve direct marketing campaign response
  • Set web activity triggers for marketing automation and co-ordinated cross-media marketing
  • Alert key stakeholders to customer and prospect activity on personalised websites for lead generation
  • Drive offline prospects online more effectively
  • Analyse the performance of direct mail and email channels in one place
  • Improve response rates

Results are impressive: good response rates and levels of engagement, plus pinpoint tracking of lead sources and conversions via the reporting tools.

once you begin using PURLs it also give you ideas of other ways in which they can be used for engaging with existing customers, and attracting new ones.

We'll certainly be using them extensively over the coming months.

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